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Safety Code

The Board of Directors has approved the following Safety Code. All participants, league officers, volunteers and members are required to abide by this code. It will be mandatory during all practices and games that team managers and umpires take the necessary actions to comply with this code. The League Safety Officer will monitor compliance and make revisions as needed. This Code will be reviewed each season.

  • ⚾ All managers are to be issued current Little League Rule Books
  • ⚾ All Board members, managers, coaches, and volunteers must have filled out the background check forms. This ensures that the children that are placed in our care will be in safe hands. Forms are available from the Managers Representative.
  • ⚾ All managers and coaches are required to attend the annual managers meeting.
  • ⚾ All teams should have access to a cellular phone in the event emergency medical personal are needed. It is explained further in this manual how to contact Police or Fire.
  • ⚾ Equipment must be in good shape and be inspected regularly & kept in the equipment cage attached to each dugout outside the gate.
  • ⚾ Breakaway bases shall be used on all fields.
  • ⚾ All low level fences will have a protective cap installed to protect fielders.
  • ⚾ Batters at all levels of play must wear Little League approved batting helmets.
  • ⚾ Youth base coaches must also wear helmets
  • ⚾ T-Ball, A, and AA helmets are required to be equipped with face guards.
  • ⚾ All equipment should remain off of the fields during practices and games.
  • ⚾ During warm ups, utilize the entire playing field. Maintain ample space between players to avoid being struck by errant throws or missed catches.
  • ⚾ Catchers must wear Little League approved protective equipment at all times during practices and games. This includes catchers helmet, mask with dangling type throat guard, long chest protector, shin guards and protective cup with athletic supporter (male). NO EXCEPTIONS. All other players are encouraged to wear protective cups, supporters, mouth guards, and chest protector devices for practices and games.
  • ⚾ Catchers must wear catchers helmet and mask with dangling throat guard while warming up pitchers. This applies between innings and in the bullpen.
  • ⚾ Managers and coaches may not warm up pitchers before or during a game.
  • ⚾ Headfirst slides are not permitted while advancing to a base.
  • ⚾ Players who wear glasses are encouraged to wear “safety/sport glasses”.
  • ⚾ There is to be no jewelry worn during games (except medic alert bracelet).
  • ⚾ It is recommended that coaches or parents provide ample nourishment during games and practices.
  • ⚾ During practices and games, all players and coaches should be alert and watch the batter on each pitch. All bats and equipment should be secure and out of the way. The amount of bats brought to game should be kept at a minimum.
  • ⚾ Palma Ceia Little League has adopted a “bats down” policy. Players are not to pick up their bats until they leave the dugout to bat. Managers and coaches are to have their players to keep all bats in the rack or bag and not to handle or swing them in the dugout.
  • ⚾ No games or practices will be held when weather, inadequate light or poor field conditions will pose a safety risk for the players.
  • ⚾ Pre-game warm-ups should be confined to the playing field. There will be no throwing, catching or swinging bats in areas that are frequented by, and thus, endangering spectators.
  • ⚾ Players, managers, or coaches may not wear casts during a game. They must remain in the dugout or off the playing field.
  • ⚾ First aid kits will be provided to each manager. First Aid kits will also be located in the field box at each field. Contact the Safety Officer if additional supplies are needed. There is always an ample supply of ice packs in the concession stand as well as a stocked first aid kit.
  • ⚾ All Board members, managers, coaches, umpires, and any interested volunteers must attend the annual First Aid/CPR class. This insures that all persons who represent the Palma Ceia Little league will be able to deal with any injuries that may occur during the season.
  • ⚾ Managers and umpires should walk the fields prior to each game to inspect for potential safety hazards i.e. holes, rocks, broken glass and other foreign objects. Report any hazards or unsafe conditions to the Safety Officer.
  • ⚾ Parents, players, coaches, and managers should always be observant for any safety issues and correct them as needed. If these issues cannot be resolved, they should be reported to the Safety Officer.
  • ⚾ Printed copies of this Safety Plan will be distributed to all volunteers. A copy will be available at each concession stand as reference. This safety manual will be enforced at all league activities.
  • ⚾ Safety is everyone’s job. Prevention is the key to reducing and eliminating accidents. Report all hazardous conditions to the Safety Officer or any board member. Do not play on a field that is not safe or use unsafe equipment. Be sure, prior to the start of games/practices, that all players are fully equipped at all times and all equipment is in working order, especially catcher’s equipment and batting helmets.

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