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Concessions Guidelines


Wash hands – best practice to do this throughout the shift.

Familiarize yourself with the Menu and ensure the Display menu/signage are placed outside.

Familiarize yourself with the facility. Locate the following as you walk counter clockwise. Drink coolers, Bulk cooler, crockpots, chips and other food goods, packaging materials, plastic ware, cups, coffee machine, extra Gatorade, Pop Corn Machine, Snow Cone Machine, Dry goods cooler, Utensils rack, 3 compartment sink, Mops and brooms, Trash cans, Storage rack, Extra water, Freezer, cleaning supplies (look under counter), Food refrigerator, Micro wave and warming cabinet (bread storage), Household stove, Grill top, fryer, heat lamp.

Wipe outside counters/inside counters.

Make coffee SATURDAY (weeknights optional). No water needs to be added to the machine. The machine has a water line. One scoop in the filter and turn it on.

Set up snack/candy displays.

Set out mustard, ketchup, relish, napkins and coffee sweeteners/stirrers if applicable.

Make sure trash cans have bags.

Check drink inventory to confirm full.

Set up cash box and inventory sheet per instructions provided inside the box (this task is usually completed).

Unlock and open windows.


Fifteen minutes before closing time announce concessions will be closing. Circle the park with "LAST CALL" signs.

Hot food can be discounted for sale or taken home.

Fill all beverages in the front refrigerator.

Clear counters of display items and place on inner counters (Candy display – Skittles, cookies as well as chips and cotton candy) or in the refrigerator (Candy bars, crockpot items) if perishable.

Clean the grill top and dispose of any excess partials and grease in the grease trap located outside the clubhouse in the AC cage to the right. Use the scraper to scrape the grill top. Pour 1/3 cup of water and use grill brick as needed. Use towels to wipe down the stainless steel and leave it in good working order.

Pour out coffee and empty filter into the trash.

Clear the Snow Cone machine of excess ice and water. Store the flavored syrups in dried goods cooler.

Wash dishes and clean sink.

Whip down inside counters and workspace.

Ensure all burners/ovens are turned off.

Empty trash cans and put bags in outside trash cans/dumpsters.

Instructions will be given day/night of for cash box.

Sweep floors and mop.

Please take time to make comments/notes on inventory sheet of any item we ran out of or suggestions. All welcome.


Umpires are not charged for water or reasonable food request.

Jr Umpires receive a drink and a meal.

Have Fun!


Emergency Contacts:

  • Find Board Member on Duty
  • Scott Daigle, PCLL President – 813-466-8932
  • Michael Chowning, Concession Manager – 813-610-8335
  • Kenny Hyatt, Clubhouse Manager – 813-245-3122

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